Aloft Hotel | Chicago

It truly is a pleasure to be an architectural photographer in Chicago. Sometimes when I am out shooting on assignment, the light hits a building in a really beautiful way

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Entrepreneur

For many people, the idea of owning your own business comes as a result of getting laid off or simply desiring to quit your day job. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, just because you aren’t happy with your current situation does not make you a prime candidate for entrepreneurship.

How To: Photo Sphere on Phone, Google Cardboard

The absolute easiest way to view a photo sphere on your phone is to create it yourself. Using Google’s Photo Sphere Camera (for Android or IOS). By creating your own spheres they are immediately on your phone. However, getting the side by side view for use with your VR headset can prove more difficult.

IRAY Rendering using 3DS Max

The rendering itself took about 2 hours using a single GTX780 and Core i7 quad core. This scene has approximately 30 lights. I mix their color temperatures to give different looks, including a very red light at the end of the galley.

Before You Start your Video

So what if you don’t have a script? Can you still use a storyboard? Yes. What if you don’t have any artistic talent – can you still use a storyboard? Yes. Anytime you are shooting video it’s a good idea to do some planning.

JeffJack Apartments | Chicago, IL

The building is named jeffjack simply because it is at the intersection of Jefferson and Jackson Ave. As construction was underway, I walked by the building daily. I foolishly didn’t put the ‘jeffjack’ name together until my brother-in-law, Mark, pointed out the obvious. Both my wife and I couldn’t believe we’d failed to put it together.