Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Entrepreneur

For many people, the idea of owning your own business comes as a result of getting laid off or simply desiring to quit your day job. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, just because you aren’t happy with your current situation does not make you a prime candidate for entrepreneurship.

How To: Photo Sphere on Phone, Google Cardboard

The absolute easiest way to view a photo sphere on your phone is to create it yourself. Using Google’s Photo Sphere Camera (for Android or IOS). By creating your own spheres they are immediately on your phone. However, getting the side by side view for use with your VR headset can prove more difficult.

Before You Start your Video

So what if you don’t have a script? Can you still use a storyboard? Yes. What if you don’t have any artistic talent – can you still use a storyboard? Yes. Anytime you are shooting video it’s a good idea to do some planning.

Real Estate Photography | HARPO: Before and After

REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY: As I use the word is more about shooting the space as it is ‘every day’. We still want it to look great, but if the trees are dead, or the sky is less than perfect; that’s okay. This might be how we really see a building or space rather than how we wish to see it.

Interviewing 101 | Tips and Tricks

There is a lot to learn when it comes to videography and interviewing subjects, but the following represent some of the easiest and most helpful. In these tutorials I will primarily discuss lighting and general interviewing strategies. Keep in mind, these videos assume you do not have access to professional gear…