JeffJack Apartments | Chicago, IL

JeffJack Apartments | Architectural Photography

The building is designed by Thomas Roszak Architecture and the general contractor is Clark Construction. I had to go take a picture of the newly completed building. I live right next door. The building is more or less a glass box, but is adorned with bright green fins. I’ll probably take a few better shots when the snow melts and the trees show signs of life – and there isn’t a bus barreling in front of the corner. It was just too cold to wait around. I was only outside for 10 minutes and my fingers were numb. Also not ideal; the window washing kit was out (far right), I used photoshop to remove the crane-arm on the roof, but left the ropes.

The building is named jeffjack simply because it is at the intersection of Jefferson and Jackson Ave. As construction was underway, I walked by the building daily. I foolishly didn’t put the ‘jeffjack’ name together until my brother-in-law, Mark, pointed out the obvious. Both my wife and I couldn’t believe we’d failed to put it together.