Burnham Center | Before and After

Architecture Photography: Before and After

Shooting on an overcast day.

We don’t always get the weather we’d like, but sometimes¬†our client needs the image ‘yesterday,’ and we don’t have a choice. With rain comes clouds and full white-overcast skies. Because I had to shoot on this date, I had no choice but to use Photoshop to create a compelling image. Usually overcast images have very little detail interest, so in addition to replacing the sky, I also increased the contrast and detail in the image. I pushed the detail in the mid-tones to the max.

Additionally, I over exposed the image by about 1-stop because I know I would be replacing the sky. This allowed me to get additional detail in the shadows without worrying about losing detail in the highlights.


Original image with full white sky and very flat lighting.


With replaced sky and adjusted detail and tonal quality.