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Photo Services and Pricing

How much do you charge for real estate photography?

There is no simple answer to this question as every project is unique. However, many photographers in the industry don’t differentiate between simple real estate photography and architectural photography. We give you the luxury of choosing the level of service you need. This could be used to show ‘existing conditions,’ or be used to showcase a property. Why pay hundreds of dollars per image if they are not meant for magazines or national/global publications? This estimate includes post processing and licensing (details in contract).

Real Estate photography approximately $150 per image.

How much do you charge for architectural photography?

Again, there is no simple answer. First we must understand the difference between ‘real estate photography’ and ‘architectural photography’. Architectural photography often involves additional setup and can take place over several hours or even days waiting on the perfect sky, time of day, and weather. Real estate photography, while of high quality, does not have the same time requirements in pre and post production. As a result, typical architectural photography will be approximately 4-6 times the price of the less intensive real estate photography. Many architectural photographers charge over $500/image. This estimate includes post processing and licensing (details in contract).

Architectural photography approximately $250 per image.

How much do you charge for (MLS) residential real estate photography?

Professional Residential Real Estate Photography can help you generate quality leads and set your property apart in a competitive market. We offer extremely fast turnarounds. License is granted only to the agent and NOT to any third party. Why are we a little more expensive than the competition? Because we treat your project like a full architectural shoot. We capture your home at the most beautiful time of day and offer you high resolution images. Jobs require a minimum of 10 images. We shoot 15% more than required and allow for client proofing and selection.

Residential Real Estate Photography from $40 per image.

Additional Information

What services do you offer?

We do more than take pictures of buildings. We shoot interior and exterior architectural projects, but also do event photography, headshots, videography, as well as 3D modeling and rendering.

What about virtual reality and tours?

We also do panoramic and photo spheres designed for virtual reality and Google Cardboard.

Do you travel and how much does it cost?
I am located in Chicago, IL. For jobs in the downtown area there is a minimal additional travel fee – approximately $25 for taxi fees. For the suburbs of Chicago, clients can expect approximately $100-200 travel fee depending on time of day and distances.
What post-processing do you do?
All images are post-processed using the Adobe suite. We adjust all images for optimal color rendition, white balance, brightness, contrast and sharpness. We also crop and adjust to assure vertical lines are straight where applicable.

Additional post-processing is available to meet your needs. For example, we understand client time-constraints and often have to shoot in less than ideal conditions. In these situations, we are available and able to replace skies, make trees green (winter) and other Photoshop tasks. See some before and after effects.

See some premium post processing (before and after) examples here. View the before and after of adding trees in winter.

How big will my photos be?

We deliver final architectural images at 4,000 pixels (long side) where applicable. These images can be printed up to 48 inches long. *Printing depends on viewing distances – and 10+ megapixels images may be printed much larger, on billboards or other large formats. Resolutions up to 50 megapixels (8200 x 5500 pixels) available on a per-project basis.

Wish to purchase images on our website or transfer from another client?

Parties wanting to purchase photographs after the shoot may do so provided Josh Pabst Photo (and if necessary the original client) agrees to an additional rights holder. Pricing is determined by calculating the original client’s cost per photo (shooting+editing+creative+travel ect…) and adding 25%. If more than half the photos from the original shoot are being purchased, the there is no additional %-based fee. All licensing fees are subject to intended use. As always, copyright notice must accompany each image.

First time client?
Working with people for the first time can be scary. That’s why we offer 15% off your first job. I am eager to fulfill your photographic requirements and have no doubt once you hire joshpabstphoto once, you’ll hire us again.
What kind of equipment do you use?
This is a trick question. We use the right equipment for the job. When we are shooting architectural/real estate photography we use Canon 5D series DSLRs and wide angle lenses such as the 17mm f/4.0. When we are shooting events we use fast prime lenses and the 70-200mm f/2.8 vII.

Signature vs Premium


Real Estate Photography: is the practice of photographing buildings and spaces in a way that accurately represents the subjects. Post processing and time spent waiting for light and shadow are less crucial. Our signature series is cost effective, yet maintains high-end photography providing excellent value to our clients. There is no Creative Fee in in our signature series.


Architectural Photography: is the art of photographing buildings and spaces in a way that maximizes aesthetics. Weather, time of day, atmospheric conditions, and post-processing are highly scrutinized. Camera techniques and post production reduce shadows and eliminate hot-spots by using multiple exposures. Additional post production is required to remove unwanted elements such as debris, trash, blemishes, entourage, or other such objects.