Real Estate Photography | HARPO: Before and After

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about real estate photography and architectural photography through the lens of post processing. We offer two levels of post-production; standard and premium.

We always aim to get great photos. The difference between architectural and real estate photography comes down to time.

Photography: Architectural vs. Real Estate

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Is making a building and everything around it looks its absolute best. It’s a moment in time when the sky, the lighting, the people, cars, clutter, windows, details are all at their best. We may have to wait hours or days for the sky, or replace it in post production.

REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY: As I use the word is more about shooting the space as it is ‘every day’. We still want it to look great, but if the trees are dead, or the sky is less than perfect; that’s okay. This might be how we really see a building or space rather than how we wish to see it.




The dynamic range in this shot is too dramatic for a camera to capture in a single photograph. When exposed for the darks; the brights are much too over-exposed.


By taking multiple photos; we are able to create a balanced shot without losing the detail in the highlights. This creates an appealing and even photograph.

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